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A purchase agreement or lender title request starts the process to open a title order on a purchase or refinance transaction. Relevant information such as legal names, homeowner association dues, loan payoffs, marital status, social security numbers and birthdates will be requested from the parties.


A title search is ordered from an abstractor who runs a search on the property with the Clerk of Court in the Parish where the property is located. The abstractor compiles a list which shows all recordings associated with the property. Once the search is complete, an attorney will review and determine if there are any liens or judgments against the property, owner or purchaser. If a lien, judgment, or any defect in title is found, our team will notify the client and work with them to resolve or extinguish the defect. Once clear title is approved by the attorney, a title commitment will be issued to the lender authorizing them to proceed with loan processing.


Envelope icon labeled "Starting the Process", step one in the LA Title Plus Process
Search icon labeled "Title Searching and Examination", step two in the LA Title Plus Process
Calendar icon labeled "Document Preparation & Scheduling", step three in the LA Title Plus Process

Once the lender receives a “clear to close,” our escrow officer will contact all parties involved to schedule a closing day and time that is convenient for everyone. The lender will issue a closing package and our escrow officer will prepare closing documents and a Closing Disclosure.



Series of icons depicting the LA Title Plus Process: File Opened, Title Commitment Complete, Contract Requirements, Closing Scheduled, Closing Reminder, Closing Complete

We’re here to make this process as simple as possible, for all parties involved. Stay completely up to date throughout every step of your next closing with our closing timeline updates. Receive easy to understand status updates including what fees to expect at the closing table.

Documents icon labeled "Settlement/Closing the Transaction", step four in the LA Title Plus Process

An attorney or notary will oversee closing of the transaction. The buyer and seller will come to one of our 6 locations to sign the closing documents. Once the documents are signed, and the closing is complete, checks will be issued to the seller and any real estate agents that may be involved.

Documents with checkmark icon labeled "Post Closing", step five in the LA Title Plus Process


After completion of the closing transaction, our escrow officer will forward payment to any prior lender, pay invoices associated with the transaction that may have been collected on the Closing Disclosure, send the Act of Sale and/or Mortgage to the Clerk of Court for recording, and send the original loan documents back to the lender.

Image of an LA Title Plus business meeting and document signing with text overlay reading "buyer's checklist: what you should bring to closing."
A sign from LA Title Plus that reads "seller's checklist - what you should bring to closing" next to a "sold" sign, with a blurred house in the background.
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